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Religion, Knowledge, Society (RKS) is an annual/biannual academic event, conference and seminar, with international and national editions, that intend to be a forum of academic debates regarding the relation between religion, knowledge, society, philosophy in a trans-disciplinary method.

This scientific conferences and seminars are organized by Faculty of Theology, Ovidius University of Constanța (Romania). 

Each edition of RKS, conference and seminar, is addressed to professors, researchers, PhD students.

10th edition of international conference RELIGION, KNOWLEDGE, SOCIETY

Homo religiosus & homo technicus: discontinuities or congruencies?

June 20-21, 2024             Constanța (Romania)

Homo religiosus and homo technicus define two contextual paradigms of man in the course of history: man who lives in the religious horizon, a constant of his existence, and man who coordinates his life in the quotidian references of technological development. In essence, his life is strongly impacted by new technologies. The same man in the same society, but a society in constant transformation in all its aspects.

The conference intends a multilateral approach to the relationship between the religious dimension of man and the techno-scientific conditions of quotidian life. What is the relationship between homo religiosus and homo technicus and what are the perspectives of this relationship? Does current scientific development invalidate religious truth? What are the challenges of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, for religious and ethical integrity?


  • Homo religiosus and homo technicus - definitions, interpretations, contextualizations.

  • The validity of religious truth and new technologies: antagonism or congruence?

  • The impact of new technologies on man from a theological, ethical, philosophical and psychological perspectives.

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